Sex and meditation

Thursday Apr 13, 2017

People approach sex differently: at times it’s an animalistic activity whilst at other times it might be considered to be of a more spiritual nature. The animal side of us looks at achieving the orgasm, whilst the spiritual side looks at delaying that orgasm, focusing instead on the sensations during the journey towards that climax. This might sound a bit odd for people who haven’t tried that later approach, so let’s take a look at meditation and how it plays its role into the world of sex.

Tantric sex: delaying climax

Instead of the climax being the focus of the act, people who practice tantric sex concentrate on the journey that leads to it. The idea is to make the act of sex as long as possible, so that you can enjoy the sexual energy between you and your partner. The intimacy that exists between the two if you on that moment can really give birth to a great range of pleasurable emotions and feelings, and it is true that a lot of people are missing out on this aspect of things.

Enjoying the whole show

The way tantric sex compares with normal sex is as follows: tantric sex is all about enjoying the whole show, whilst normal sex focuses too much on the show’s finale. When you watch a movie, you enjoy the whole journey from start to finish; and the finale is there to complement the build-up that leads to it. It can be argued that people are missing out on a lot of potential emotions when they focus too much on the outcome of sex, but of course it doesn’t mean that people having normal sex or even sex with no strings don’t appreciate the journey. Instead it is more that they are too focused on the end game, missing out on certain things that are right in front of them.

Tantric practices

Tantric sex focuses on the intimacy between two people, so the first thing they do before even having sex is they create some sort of safe space for their intimacy. The room is there to enhance the connection between the two people, with flowers, candles and scents that will enhance the experience and make people feel more at ease. Objects and clutter will also be removed out of the room so that people’s attention can stay focused on the act of sex.

Foreplay is essential to Tantra, and people having tantric sex take things as slowly as they can. The idea is for both men and women to be able to control their arousal, enabling people to have a much better control over how and when they orgasm. This is a great thing to do for those who come too early or too late. Slow sex also allows people to work on their focus as we all sometimes loose attention when we’re doing something. You will be able to control yourself and regain focus on the act when your mind gets side-tracked.

Another practice is for the two people having sex to keep their eyes open so that you can look at each other constantly throughout the whole act. Again this may sound strange as a lot of us will often have our eyes closed or look somewhere else, but the great thing about doing this is that you really get to have glimpses onto your partner’s reactions. You can tell if they are feeling pleasure or if they are not, and this just brings you closer together. Furthermore it is a great way to get better at what you do, as you’re getting instant feedback. You won’t believe how beneficial this can be!

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