What are Dating Apps and how to choose one?

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Finding a right match was a bit difficult earlier. But thanks to technology, gone are even those days when you had to struggle on a computer for chatting and finding a match. With the availability of smartphones, there are many dating apps available to help you find love. This is called online dating where one can be introduced to strangers with the intention of making friendship, relationships, romance, love etc. While there are many reasons why people get a dating app on their phone, one also has to be very careful while using these. Not everyone there is fair and hence, using it can cause many fights and you may also be cheated.

Do they work?

The first concern with online dating apps is the nervousness of getting to interact with strangers. While there are people who met online and have a successful life together, there are also those stories where people are badly cheated. In order to avoid such problems, there are many apps developed that specialize in particular aspects and are even made for serious people who look to make serious relationships. There are apps with security and restrictions to check pictures too. While you may get a positive response about all these dating apps on the internet, it is advisable to check before you start to use.

Choosing a dating app:

There are some popular dating apps that are being used by many people. However, shortlisting on what to use is based on many factors. For that the first thing is to prioritize the reason that you are there, like making friends, flirting, love, match etc. So, here are some reasons based on which you can choose an app:

  1. There are even apps that are made for those who prioritize religion to make relationships.
  2. If you prefer a slow approach, there are apps that give the option to women to choose between the men who showed interest in them.
  3. There are apps for those serious people who prefer not to get into fake apps. You might be asked to sign in with your LinkedIn or Facebook credentials and hence there are less chances of getting any fake profiles here.
  4. One can even choose the apps where they get introduced to people who are friends with their friends, thereby avoiding any nervous feeling of dating new people over internet.


For many singles, dating apps are the simplest way to find a match. While you are getting introduced to a stargazer and feel excited to know each other, it is also advisable to be smart to know the downfall of these.

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