Some Words of Advice regarding Online Bootycalls

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If there’s anything that I can advise you regarding a bootie call from a website is this: unlike offline bootie calls, you are essentially a slave of your expectations because your expectations are going to set up your performance. You’re going to come up with all these scenarios in your head, which can fuck up your performance.


The great thing about meeting Jennifer was that I did not have any expectations. I didn’t even know what she looked like. I didn’t even know what her background was. So I played it by ear, we liked each other, we cracked a lot of jokes, there was a lot of electricity in the air, and it was all about creating a mutual emotional safe space. In other words, a tremendous amount of mutual comfort. We just like hanging around with each other.


Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not about like, you know, seeing each other eye to eye and peering into each other’s souls. None of that romantic bullshit. I mean, that was a possibility later on, but in the beginning, it was all physical. And that is the key thing that you are missing out on when it comes to the typical bootie call website. A lot of them flat out suck because they fill you up with all these expectations and when you show up, you’re basically fed to the wolves.


So do yourself a big favor when checking out the different types of websites out there. Look for websites that preserve a little bit of mystery because the more mystery there is, the more your creative and imaginative side kicks in. Believe it or not, this is the part of your personality that you’ll have to lean on to maximize your dating experiences. That’s what creates the magic.


Sex and the mystery of dating really all boils down to imagination and your ability to roll with the punches, so to speak. It’s all about your resourcefulness. You have to say the right things at the right time to the right people to create the right effects.


The great thing about this is that this has nothing to do with what you look like. It has nothing to do with how much money you have in the bank. It doesn’t matter how rich your family is. It doesn’t matter what your background is. None of that shit matters. What matters is that present point in time. That’s where the magic comes from.


This applies to all the social situations you find yourself in or when on an online bootycall site like https://www.bootycalls.net. I’m not just talking about bootie calls. That’s just a tiny fraction of all your social interactions. So if you want to be a more effective communicator and, most importantly, you want to be a great co-participant in any kind of one to one interaction, then you have to have the right expectations. And unfortunately, a lot of these types of websites out there kill your expectations or warp it so you end up having a crappy time.


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